Saturday, January 14, 2017

Santa Margherita Auditorium

Sculptures on the facade of the Santa Margherita Auditorium, Calle de la Chiesa, Dorsoduro, Venice
Sculptures on the facade of the Santa Margherita Auditorium
Calle de la Chiesa, Dorsoduro
Venice, September 2013

“The Auditorium is a historic building from the ninth century. While it is now in use as a theatre, it was formerly a church dedicated to Saint Margaret. The valuable painting on the ceiling depicting the saint’s martyrdom is what remains of the frescos that once adorned this church. It is located in Campo Santa Margherita, which can be reached quickly and easily from Piazzale Roma and the railway station, and it is one of the liveliest places in the city. The Auditorium can seat 237 people and has recently updated systems for controlling lighting, projecting videos, simultaneous translation and video documentation. It can hold large-scale events such as theatrical productions, film festivals, conferences and congresses, national and international seminars and conventions.” (Auditorium Santa Margherita, Fondazione Università Ca' Foscari)

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