Thursday, September 22, 2016


Water bus, vaporetto VE 7548, Grand Canal, Venice
A Line 2 vaporetto (water bus)
Canal Grande (Grand Canal)
Venice, September 2013

“The single most useful vaporetto line is Line 2 (which old Venice hands might recognize as the old Line 82), the express line down the Grand Canal. It chugs regularly from Piazzale Roma (car park) to Ferrovia (the train station) then on a majestic sweep down the Grand Canal, stopping five times (including at the Rialto bridge and the Accademia) en route to the San Marco-Valloresso just off Piazza San Marco. It takes 25 minutes to reach Piazza San Marco from the train station (add an extra four minutes from Piazzale Roma). In summer, it continues on from there to Giardini and the Lido.” (The vaporetto service in Venice,

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