Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hand Water Pump

Vintage hand water pump, Heinrich Zille by Thorsten Stegmann, Poststraße, Nikolaiviertel, Berlin
Vintage hand water pump, in background:
Monument to Heinrich Zille by Thorsten Stegmann
Poststraße, Nikolaiviertel
Berlin, September 2011

“Born in Dresden in 1858, Heinrich Zille’s family moved to Berlin when he was a child. A lithographer by trade, he became the first prominent artist to evoke the social development of the city as the tendrils of modernity reached Berlin, creating an instantly recognisable style in his drawings of everyday life and real people, often featuring the bleak Hinterhöfe (inner courtyards) around which so much of their lives revolved. Even during his lifetime Zille was acknowledged as one of the definitive documenters of his time, and since his death in 1929 his prolific photographic work has also come to be seen as a valuable historical record.”
(Lonely Planet, Berlin Travel Guide, 6th Edition)

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