Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Two Mice Eating Cheese

Sculpture of mice fighting over a piece of cheese, Philpot Street, London
“Two Mice Eating Cheese”
Philpot Lane at Eastcheap
London, September 2015

“Not far from the northern end of London Bridge, in the capital’s historic centre, you’ll find a short street called ‘Philpot Lane.’ Named after Sir John Philpot (Lord Mayor of London between 1378-1379), Philpot Lane links Eastcheap and Fenchurch Street. It is also home to London’s tiniest public statue; ‘The Two Mice Eating Cheese.’ These two small fellows can be found half-way up a building which sits on the south-eastern corner of Philpot Lane, just by the junction with Eastcheap. Details of who created these critters, and when they were placed here are pretty much non-existent. However, one thing is certain- these two wee mice are a memorial to two builders who died nearby… The builders in question were working on ‘The Monument’; a towering column which stands on the junction of Fish Street Hill and Monument Street, about 400 ft. away from Philpot Lane.”
(London’s Smallest Statue, View from the Mirror)

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joo said...

They are funny. Somehow I missed them.