Friday, December 4, 2015

Arca di San Domenico

Arca di San Domenico, Ark of Saint Dominic by Nicola Pisano, Basilica of San Domenico, Bologna
Arca di San Domenico (Ark of Saint Dominic) by Nicola Pisano, 1264
Basilica of San Domenico, Piazza San Domenico
Bologna, June 2015

“The Arca di San Domenico or the Ark of Saint Dominic is a large sculptural monument including the sarcophagus for the remains of Saint Dominic. The first artist commissioned in the mid 13th century for the design of this monument was Nicola Pisano. Later a crowning construction was added on the top of the sarcophagus by Niccolò dell' Arca and even later the young Michelangelo created three figures for this monument.”
(Ark of Saint Dominic, Bluffton University)

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