Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lift Your Head

Museo Marino Marini, Marino Marini Museum, Piazza San Pancrazio, Florence
“Lift your head, give me the best side of your face”, exhibition by Gavin Kenyon
Museo Marino Marini (Marino Marini Museum), Piazza San Pancrazio
Florence, April 2015

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“Drawing inspiration from the area he grew up in, the forests of upstate New York, Kenyon’s bulbous sculptural forms in cement, wool, and other organic materials are rooted in George Bataille's concept of informe (1929). Curated by Alberto Salvadori, the exhibit is comprised of 13 new works created by Kenyon specifically for this unprecedented Florentine project, works which will be housed in the Marino Marini Museum crypt. Produced in italy, the sculptures constitute a key juncture for Kenyon, as formal combinations fusing elements typical of his work, such as the untamed nature of shapes and the inherent anarchy of free matter to discover its own form despite breaking with rules of construction—while considering as well the formal symbolic conventions of renaissance architecture as represented in the museum crypt space.”

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