Thursday, May 14, 2015

Drag Snail Anton

Drag Snail Anton by Tom Hoffmann, Armando Poggi, Via dei Calzaiuoli, Florence
Drag Snail Anton (large, medium, and small) by Tom Hoffmann
Armando Poggi, Via dei Calzaiuoli
Florence, October 2013

“Witty, whimsical, weird – spanning all the colors of the rainbow, Tom’s Drags are unique and stylishly designed objects for the home. They are matchless but of course they have their roots, too. Their designer, Tom Hoffmann (1956-2012) traveled often and loved it. In his work we find influences from European and American pop art. They are reminiscent of Yellow Submarine, and also of the ornamentation in European, African and Asian popular culture. Tom combined these in his very own unique way, thus creating a lusty frenzy of colors and joys of life. His work is ‘original’ in the truest sense of the word!”
(Tom’s Drag Collection, Tom’s Drag)