Friday, December 5, 2014

Boar's Head

Mounted boar's head, La Norcineria, Pork butcher, Via Sant'Antonino, Florence
“La Norcineria”, “Specialità toscane”
(Pork butcher, Tuscan specialties)
Via Sant'Antonino
Florence, April 2014

“Why are boar hunted? Apart from the fact that they taste good (think Cinghiali al umido) [or any other recipe you can link to] but they cause a lot of damage to gardens and trees. This sounds harsh (you can only really appreciate the murderous qualities needed to shoot the creatures after your lovingly planted vegetable garden has been entirely rooted up) but these animals also breed terribly fast. Originally the Wild Boar had one or two young every year, thus sustaining a balanced population. Unfortunately the domestic (and prolific) pig came into the genetic mix and created a hybrid Boar which produces between 4 – 10 offspring each pregnancy. Thus the countryside is overpopulated and hunting is a sensible solution.”
(The Wild Boar Survival Guide, Under the Tuscan Gun)


Dina said...

That would really catch your attention on the street! It is the face only a (or its) mother could love.

Changes in the wind said...

Interesting......I know that can be mean.

Lowell said...

We have "wild boar" here, too, but I think they are different from the European ones. Not long ago I read about wild boars wreaking havoc in a German church.

Wild Boar is a brand of meat in this country and, while expensive, is very good.

Lowell said...

I shouild have said "Boar's Head" is the brand, and involves more than just meat, but also cheeses, etc.

cieldequimper said...

You're making me hungry!

I brought back some boar from Nuremberg and cooked it this week for Christmas!