Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Greylag Goose

Greylag goose, St. James's Park, City of Westminster, London
Greylag goose, St. James's Park
City of Westminster
London, September 2014

“The ancestor of most domestic geese, the greylag is the largest and bulkiest of the wild geese native to the UK and Europe. In many parts of the UK it has been re-established by releasing birds in suitable areas, but the resulting flocks (often mixed with Canada geese) found around gravel pits, lakes and reservoirs all year round in southern Britain tend to be semi-tame and uninspiring. The native birds and wintering flocks found in Scotland retain the special appeal of truly wild geese.”
(Greylag goose, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)


Revrunner said...

Jailbird. :-)

Dina said...

She seems very interested in you.
Look at that neck!

Lowell said...

Love the composition. I don't know much about different kinds of geese, but we've got some here who will chase and bit you! Canadian geese in these parts just poop all over.