Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wedding in Venice

Wedding in Palazzo Cavalli, Grand Canal, Venice
Wedding in Palazzo Cavalli (or Palazzo Corner Martinengo)
Seen from the Canal Grande (Grand Canal)
Venice, September 2013

“Palazzo Cavalli Civil ceremonies are held in Palazzo Cavalli, a charming Renaissance building overlooking the Grand Canal, with a splendid view of Rialto Bridge. Inside, three elegantly furnished rooms are set aside to the bride and groom. The largest room, which can seat about 25 guests, has large French windows taking up the whole wall, opening on a terrace over the Grand Canal. The wedding starts with a short bureaucratic part, then the ceremony takes place, lasting from fifteen to thirty minutes.”
(Palazzo Cavalli, The Venice Wedding Planner)


Revrunner said...

I like the pigeon taking refuge underneath. :-)

Dina said...

I'll bet the couple would love to have this unusual photo in their album.