Sunday, June 22, 2014

Soviet War Memorial

Detail of the Soviet War Memorial, Großer Tiergarten, Berlin
Detail of the Soviet War Memorial by Mikhail Gorvits, 1945
Straße des 17. Juni, Großer Tiergarten
Berlin, September 2011

Вечная слава героям павшым
в боях с немецкомо фашистскими захватчиками за свободу и независимость Советского Союза
(Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in battle against the German fascist invaders for the freedom and independence of the Soviet Union)


Lowell said...

Most war memorials tend to over dramatize the facts but the Soviet military took a terrible beating before finally driving the Nazis back. At least this isn't a glamorous memorial as the soldier looks like he's been at war.

cieldequimper said...

I always have to snicker when I read about freedom in these circumstances...