Monday, January 13, 2014

Statue of George V

Statue of George V by William Reid Dick, Old Palace Yard, London
Statue of George V by Sir William Reid Dick, 1947 (unveiled)
Old Palace Yard, Parliament Square
London, October 2009

“The construction of the statue took place prior to the Second World War, but the danger of bringing the statue to London prevented the erection of it until after the war. The carving of the statue actually took place in the quarry from which the stone was produced, and during the war years it was placed inside one of the quarry's tunnels in order to prevent it from potential damage due to German bombing raids. Following the war it was moved to the Tate Gallery while the statue's site was prepared for it. The statue was placed in the original proposed spot opposite the House of Lords, which required the demolition of No. 5 Old Palace Yard. It was unveiled by King George VI, on 22 October 1947 and was attended by Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, and Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.”
(Statue of George V, Wikipedia)

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cieldequimper said...

It's a rather good likeness!