Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mur pour la Paix

Mur pour la Paix, Wall for Peace by Clara Halter and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Champ-de-Mars, Paris
Mur pour la Paix (Wall for Peace) by Clara Halter and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, 2000
Champ-de-Mars, 7e arrondissement
Paris, July 2012

“Not far from the mighty Eiffel Tower, across the famous green esplanade the Champ de Mars, sits the Wall for Peace, a humble structure of glass and metal that some Parisians are trying to tear down.
While it may be the city's most overlooked monument, the wall attracts a constant stream of passersby, drawn to the gleaming metal and glass panes that catch the sun. The word ‘peace’ is inscribed in 32 languages and 12 alphabets on the glass and 20-foot-tall metal columns standing sentries on either side.”


Summertime Blues said...

la paix dans le coeur?

Louisette retriever said...

Paix aux hommes de bonne volontés en ce monde

cieldequimper said...

At least this is something I know...