Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Eyes by Louise Bourgeois, Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Park, Battery Park City, New York
“Eyes” by Louise Bourgeois, 1995
Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Park, Battery Park City
New York, September 2008

“Eyes” marks a departure for the artist in that the subject, unlike previous treatments, is explored as two large units representing eyes separated from any suggested surrounding physiognomy. Resting directly on the ground a calculated distance from each other, they occupy considerable volumes of space between and around them which the viewer is invited to fill in with his or her own imagination. Thus a giant's head emerges in one's mind. The works are carved in granite with pupils suggested by large polished nodules. These are not inset but are an integral part of the whole granite “eyeballs.”
(Public Art, Battery Park City Authority)

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cieldequimper said...

I don't always like Louise Bourgeois. It takes imagination to see giant eyes...