Thursday, May 16, 2013

Angelo Brunetti

Plaque honoring Angelo Brunetti known as Ciceruacchio, via di Ripetta, Rome
Plaque honoring Angelo Brunetti, known as Ciceruacchio
Via di Ripetta at Via Angelo Brunetti
Rome, May 2011

“One of the first plaques was dedicated in 1871 to Angelo Brunetti, known as Ciceruacchio (meaning slightly fat in Roman dialect). He had a well known inn in Piazza del Popolo and in 1846 he took the lead in asking the newly elected pope (Pope Pius IX) for political reforms. He took part into the defence of the Roman Republic and when the city fell he tried to reach Venice, to which the Austrians had laid siege. He was arrested by them and he was executed with his two sons, one of whom was just thirteen.”
(Plaques in Historical Rome, A Rome Art Lover's Web Page)

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