Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Giuseppe Zolli

Statue of Giuseppe Zolli, Monument toGaribaldi by Augusto Benvenuti, Biennale Gardens, Venice,
Statue of the Garibaldine Giuseppe Zolli
Monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi by Augusto Benvenuti, 1885
Viale Garibaldi, Castello
Venice, October 2012

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“In 1921, near Garibaldi’s statue in the gardens, a ghost appeared in a red shirt. It attacked passersby tripping people up and shaking them roughly. The ghost was recognised as one Giuseppe Zolli, 1838, who was a fervent Garibaldi follower and had sworn to protect his leader in life as in death. It was decided to commission a bronze statue of Zolli to put behind Garibaldi’s statue. From that day the ghost stopped appearing.”


cieldequimper said...

That's a really well done statue of a ghost... :-)

Dina said...

Mystery places, cool!

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