Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Charité Bettenhochhaus

Charité Bettenhochhaus, Campus Mitte, Berlin
Charité Bettenhochhaus, Campus Mitte
Berlin, September 2011

“Soon, Ber­lin was divided. The Mitte cam­pus fell into East Ger­man prop­erty, bor­der­ing the Ber­lin Wall to Moabit. The Char­ité was announced the lead­ing hos­pital of the ‘cap­ital of the GDR’ and soon received a new build­ing, which still dom­in­ates the sky­line over North­ern Mitte. The Betten­hoch­haus (bed high rise) with its twenty-one floors and con­nec­ted sec­tions still rises high above the cam­pus. After the Wall came down and when fin­an­cial issues affected local polit­ics, the Char­ité gradu­ally merged with the former West-Berlin campi in Wed­ding and Steglitz.”
(Charité Campus Mitte, Finding Berlin)


tapirgal said...

And I still gravitate to the old church steeple.

cieldequimper said...

I'm told it's an excellent hospital...

Dina said...

An imposing structure indeed.