Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nymphs of the Seine

Nymphs of the Seine with the arms of Paris, by Georges Récipon, Pont Alexandre III, Paris
“Nymphes de la Seine” (Nymphs of the Seine) with the arms of Paris
by Georges Récipon, Pont Alexandre III
Paris, July 2011

See also: Nymphs of the Neva


Theanne and Baron said...

Very beautiful...I like that the "Nymphes de la Seine" are rather Rubenesque! Am I to understand that the ultra shiny material is hammered copper...if so, what keeps it from forming a patina?

VP said...

Theanne - I think all these shiny parts are gilded, then periodically polished and refreshed.

cieldequimper said...

I wish I knew! Along with le pont neuf, this is my favourite Paris bridge. Then again, I wonder who wouldn't like it... The details on it are endless.

joo said...

They are pretty!

tapirgal said...


Catherine Todd said...

Makes me miss Paris so much I could cry. Just beautiful!