Saturday, November 12, 2011

Charlemagne and His Guards

Charlemagne et ses leudes, Charlemange and His Guards by Charles and Louis Rochet, Paris
“Charlemagne et ses leudes”, Charlemagne and His Guards
(Olivier and Roland with his sword Durendal)
by Charles and Louis Rochet
Square Charlemagne
Paris, July 2011


Dina said...

I love that swords had names.
And amazing what your link teaches:
"In The Song of Roland, the sword is said to contain within its golden hilt one tooth of Saint Peter, blood of Saint Basil, hair of Saint Denis, and a piece of the raiment of the Blessed Virgin Mary."

cieldequimper said...

Carolus Magnus. Was he the first European?

Theanne and Baron said...

Charlemagne is a bigger than life figure of times past...this stature with his guards and sword certainly does him justice...I like the angle of the shot, well done VP