Saturday, October 15, 2011

Les lieux du corps

Les lieux du corps by Léonardo Delfino, Courbevoie, La Défense, Paris
“Les lieux du corps” (1983) by Léonardo Delfino
Courbevoie, La Défense, Paris, July 2011


Anonymous said...

After looking at other shots of the "Les lieux du corps" I decided these shapes reminded me of the robots, big and small, in Star Wars. I hope that's not an insult because I certainly don't intend it to be. The translator I chose to use translated Les lieux du "places of the body"...I'm not feeling the passion here, however I love the bird! He finds it a desirable all is right with his world and he is happy, so I am happy too!

cieldequimper said...

I'll keep my body.

joo said...

Interesting sculptures!

Tinsie said...