Monday, July 18, 2011

Arthur Sullivan

Arthur Sullivan by William Goscombe John, Victoria Embankment Gardens, London
Arthur Sullivan by William Goscombe John
Victoria Embankment Gardens
London, October 2009

Is life a boon?
If so, it must befall
That Death, whene'er he call,
Must call too soon

(From “The Yeoman of the Guard” by William Gilbert)


cieldequimper said...

Nice one. When is Gilbert planned?

I knew of Pierre Hermé rue Bonaparte (I forgot to tell you) and rue de Vaugirard -Vaugirard...!!-) but not Opéra.
Did you buy anything? :-)

joo said...

Beautiful place.

Changes in the wind said...

A weeping muse...never knew of this before. Lovely....

tapirgal said...

I always miss so much when I'm gone. Your blog is quite special. I always enjoy it.