Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sculpture, piazza della Repubblica, Rome
Piazza della Repubblica (Piazza Esedra)
Rome, September 2010


Anonymous said...

I like the casual way the statues are sitting at the top of the arch! I used my Google map to find Livorno and looked at the city close up in Satellite can actually view everything at street level (but I was in Piza when I discovered I could do that). I did find the Piazza della Repubblica, it is huge and was easy to find...right in the middle of the city and not far from the port. And of course I found the Fortezza Nuova (hope I spelled that correctly). The thing I was struck by was all the farming so close to the city. I would think that would mean wonderful fresh produce all the time. Are the farms owned by individuals/families or are they owned by big agricultural businesses like here in the USA. It's such a tragedy here that there are so few family owned farms anymore.

Dina said...

So cool they way they are sitting.

cieldequimper said...

I've rarely seen legs dangling like that or maybe I haven't paid attention. Blue and white is nice.

VP said...

@ Theanne - Almost any city in Italy has a 'piazza della Repubblica'. This one, in Rome, is still often called 'piazza Esedra' by the locals.