Friday, August 28, 2009

Why the Euro?

The secret reason behind the Euro, Bruges, Belgium
The secret reason behind the Euro
Bruges, Belgium, March 1994


Jacob said...

Again, I must confess ignorance. (This is getting to be an unhappy habit!)

But I do not understand the chart.

Are you not happy with the Euro?

Vogon Poet said...

@ Jacob - Not your fault: it was a lame attempt at a joke. If outside a toilet you have to post a sign with six diffrent currencies, it is time for some simplification.

Jacob said...

Thanks, VP. Actually, that's make it a very funny post!

I like your sense of humor!

cieldequimper said...

Isn't it easy! To be perfectly honest, I never got the hang of Liras :-( It would take me forever to decide whether I could afford something! Let's see now, 750 000 for a Moschino handbag... ;-)

Tinsie said...

Hahaha you have a point there!