Thursday, July 23, 2009


Anonymus (Anonymous) by Miklós Ligeti, monument to an anonymous early historian of the Magyars, Városliget, Budapest
“Anonymus” (Anonymous) by Miklós Ligeti, 1903
Monument to an anonymous early historian of the Magyars
Városliget (City Park)
Budapest, September 1994

“The most famous statue however is the statue of a monk, sculpted in 1903 by Miklós Ligeti. Very little is known about this monk whose name is even unknown, so he is now referred to as Anonymus (Latin for anonymous). This mysterious monk lived in the 12th century as the notary of King Béla III. He is credited as the writer of the first book of the history of the Hungarians, the ‘Gesta Hungarorum’. Touching the monk's stylus is supposed to bring good luck with your studies.”
(Városliget, A view on cities)


Jacob said...

What an interesting statue! No face. Truly anonymous. But what did he write?

Great photo, has been said that a great photo always leaves you with more questions than answers!

m_m said...

Interesting and mysterious monument!

Regina said...


Malyss said...

Strange to be anonymous and to have a statue..
The silhouette makes me think of "The Lord of the Rings", you know, the dark knights that are trying to catch Frodo..