Friday, July 28, 2017

Brown Hart Gardens

Room without a View by Antony Gormley, Brown Hart Gardens, off Duke Street, Mayfair, London
‘Room without a View’ by Antony Gormley, 2014
(That thing above The Garden Café)
Brown Hart Gardens
Off Duke Street, Mayfair
London, September 2016

“Gormley has created his suite – it's called Room – for the Beaumont, a hotel due to open this autumn in Brown Hart Gardens. The hotel is not exactly a Travelodge. It is a swanky place that raises the question of how an artist can, in good faith, make a work that teases the general public with its shiny exterior while in reality be a delight for the rich guests this Mayfair establishment is hoping to attract. No one would tell me the cost for a night in Gormley's Room, though it's said to go for roughly £2,500.” (Antony Gormley's £2,500 Room without a view, The Guardian)

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